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Trash Management Services: Waste Outsourcing

We Evaluated Your Entire Waste Stream

Waste Outsourcing from Lincoln Waste Solutions is a service designed to save both of us time and money. Our primary initiative is to evaluate your entire waste stream, then create cost effective solutions that reduces your waste by using waste optimization, recycling, diversion, and customized reduction techniques. Cost reduction is the primary goal, and since waste is treated as a recyclable commodity, our clients began to see a new revenue stream in terms of the resale of recyclables thus increasing their green footprint as well as their green income. However, the benefits do not stop here.

We have found that almost all of our prospects spend too much money on over sized dumpsters that are rarely full when they are picked up. Since we split the profits with you it is imperative we right size your roll-offs and make sure you are not being "over-serviced." If an additional pick up is ever required, we both lose, so the goal of a true waste outsource/waste audit is to get the right solution at the front end of our relationship.

Operating as your waste broker, one of the biggest advantages of effective waste outsourcing is the soft cost savings you will realize. Our finished outsource product means one bill; it means your people will have one contact they need to reach in the event of any waste problem and it evinces itself as a much tighter, more effective system. Managing many dumpsters picked up by various trash haulers, in multiple states is a tough job and our waste experts have created the right infrastructure to maximize both of our profits. The constantly changing landscape of legislation as well as green initiatives take a full time employee to track and waste outsourcing alleviates the concern of, "Are we correctly and efficiently handling our waste and recycling?"


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