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Waste Management Services: Waste Optimization

We get paid out of the money We SAVE You

Waste Optimization is a system where Lincoln Waste Solutions looks at every cost center in the waste management process and finds ways for both of us to maximize our profits. Remember, we get paid out of the money we save you so it is imperative that we negotiate with the managed haulers as well as keep all costs to a minimum. The optimization efforts usually result in a savings structure that works out like this:

  1. Hard Cost Savings of 5%-30% less than what you are paying for your current waste and recycling services.

    An additional 2%-4% savings will be realized after we adjust your service to each location's needs. Remember, we are partners in this venture so Lincoln is always looking to save you money so we can maximize our profit as well.  If a hauler makes us a better offer we will share in the savings, so we are always looking for more efficient haulers for our mutual benefit.

  2. Soft Cost Savings start with your account manager who is the single point of contact for your company, available, 24/7 via your toll free number.

    You no longer have to contact multiple account managers at multiple haulers, in multiple locations, with multiple pricing on multiple dumpsters. Your stores will contact the account manager instead of contacting you. An enormous benefit of our waste optimization is a consolidated invoice structure where you will only receive one bill no matter how many locations are utilizing our waste management services. At any time you can dial in and check individual invoices. Of course, we are the only solid waste management company that splits our profits with our clients, you can see your actual invoices and what the haulers are charging us. We have no secrets from you. We are partners.

  3. You should realize an additional 4%-5% in cost avoidance by reducing and eliminating additional or unapproved invoice costs.

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