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About Lincoln Waste Solutions:
A True Waste Management Broker

LWS Mission Statement

Lincoln Waste Solutions is a true partner in waste management. Our mission is to enable your organization to achieve its goals and vision in waste management by working with the client, the vendor and our employees; together we operate as one to achieve higher levels of waste efficiency and money savings. Our commitment to customer service, integrity and accountability represent the core values Lincoln Waste Solutions believes are important in our success.

Savings for Our Clients who utilize our Waste Optimization

Most people saw a dumpster, but when Ron Sedergren and Nick Zoccoli started to look in 2005, they saw a better mousetrap. Both veterans of the waste management world, Zoccoli and Sedergren realized that there are three true parts to the waste brokerage equation: there was the customer, there was the hauler, and there was the need for a broker who could optimize the value for all three. Until this point, there were waste management firms who represented themselves as "partners" to the end user but in reality these firms found the savings, gave the client a little, and kept the rest. These firms also found they could hold their clients money and wait to pay the haulers when it best suited their cash flow. This is not a partnership for anyone.

Ron and Nick realized that the best way to optimize waste management was to create a working relationship between the three entities. They knew it was crucial to pay the haulers as soon as possible to ensure there would never be a missed pick up. Managing thousand of locations, serviced by thousands of haulers, was a daunting task but it was critical that the competitive trash haulers were taken care of first; after all, they are the ones doing the most important work.

At the same time, Sedergren and Zoccoli began to notice a tremendous disparity in the marketplace in terms of what end users were paying to have their waste and recycling hauled. Much like two passengers sitting next to each other on a plane and comparing their wildly different ticket prices, Nick and Ron saw that companies located next door to each other might be paying hundreds of dollars in different prices for the same amount of trash and recycling being carted. Every broker and solid waste management in the market place was pocketing the difference in the waste billing so the two partners decided to create and open and honest system where you, the client, would share in these savings.

Lincoln Waste Solutions was thus born with the idea that all of our clients can look at any their waste removal invoices from any of their haulers whenever they choose. If Lincoln were to get a monthly cartage bill reduced by an additional $100.00/month then the client would receive an extra $50.00/month in savings. A fifty-fifty split. A true partnership.

The more money we can save you in solid waste management, the more money all of us make. The more efficient we become, the fewer headaches you have. You can always call Nick or Ron for more information, but better yet, call any of our customers and ask them if they are happy they switched to Lincoln Waste Solutions. Ask any of them.


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