We guarantee we'll save you a minimum of 10% over what you spent on waste last year . . . & we'll put that in writing.

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FAQ about Our Waste Removal Program

Why should I use Lincoln Waste Solutions when I can manage my vendors in-house?

  1. You cannot get the savings we get. That is why we are in business.
  2. Managing each of your locations trash haulers in-house takes a tremendous amount of manpower at a tremendous business cost.
  3. If you have multiple locations, you will be paying multiple invoices every month, which significantly increases processing time and costs in your Accounts Payable department. We send you one consolidated bill for all of your locations.

My locations are currently being managed by my hauler. Why would I want to consider Lincoln Waste Solutions?

If your trash management company owns their own trucks and containers, they are managing your account in their best interest as a hauler. Since Lincoln Waste Solutions has no allegiance with any trash haulers, we only work in your best interest.

What will it cost me to participate in Lincoln Waste Solutions' Vendor Partnership Program?

Absolutely nothing and at no risk. We only make money when we save you money.

No one rides for free; what's in it for Lincoln Waste Solutions?

Lincoln Waste Solutions retains 50% of the savings that we obtain for our clients. Since we are working on a margin, we don't make any money unless we can save you money. We guarantee you at least a 10% savings, but our goal is to get you up to a 30% savings so we can increase our profit margin as well. We always split any free service obtained during the negotiation process.

How much of my time will this cost me?

For the transition, All we need is a copy of your current invoices from your trash haulers, possibly some contracts, and some standard letters. Once we have this information we will let you know what to expect in savings starting the first month

I have existing contracts with my current vendors. Is this a problem?

Lincoln Waste Solutions will negotiate with your current trash hauler. There is a fair chance we will use this same hauler you had been using, just at a much lower price. If they do not offer the lowest price, we will switch haulers, to obtain the best pricing and service for each of your locations.

I've heard bad things about waste auditors. Why should I participate in Lincoln Waste Solutions' Vendor Partnership Program?

We are the only vendor who will guarantee you, in writing, at least a 10% savings of your previous years trash budget. Others talk, we save.


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