Two Cents for the Little Guy

Lincoln Waste Solutions deals with about 7200 different haulers over the course of a year. Like everything in else life, some are good and some are not as good, and some are stupendous.   Waste Optimization is not an easy challenge and I like to think we are better at it than anyone else in North America. I have come to that conclusion because the vast majority of our business comes from people who are thoroughly disgusted with their current hauler/broker.  No one is ever disgusted with us.

That being said, I have to give the bulk of the credit to our haulers, and more particularly, the smaller haulers, those companies who have family members driving trucks and scheduling and making sure the lights are on at 6:00 every morning.  These are the companies that guarantee our prosperity.

Their success in our relationships rarely comes about from “discounting.”  They are not the companies trying to buy market share, or undercut their competitors until no one makes any money.  These are the companies who thrive on customer service, who know the high-value of what they provide.  These are the companies who winners align with in order to create successful relationships.

We deal with a lot of large haulers, publicly traded haulers, haulers who compete with us every day.  They do a good job and in some cases they are the OGIT (Only Game in Town) and we are forced to use them if we want to provide service for our customers.  But from my seat the difference between big and small is considerable.  Big can get the job done, but it is small who goes out the Friday afternoon before a holiday and makes a critical pick-up.  It is small who runs into the restaurant to ask a patron to move their car rather than double bill the client for another pick-up because he can’t great access to the dumpster.  It is small who jumps out his truck and throws the extra garbage bags in the dumpster…and never bill anyone or even needs to tell anyone.

Here’s to the privately traded company.  The sole-prop.  The three truck operation.  Here’s to the folks who bust their behinds to take care of our customers and never receive anywhere near their share of the credit.T If you are one of those companies, you can trust us on two things; we will always pay you within 30 days and we will always tell our customers that our success isl due to your hard work.