Always Look at the Big Picture when Recycling

One of the most obvious benefits of recycling and solid waste management is that as managed haulers become more efficient, particularly in working with waste brokers and trash brokers, less waste ends up in landfills and on the ground. Another large benefit is that new products are being created from recovered recyclable materials, mostly from the retail waste management sector.  The big picture is very important as you need to get in the mindset that you can recycle anything, and usually for a profit.

This waste focus and other environmental waste solutions are part of a universal environmental program designed to help everyone with their waste spend, drop dumpster costs and perform a waste optimization that will help lower your trash bill and make waste outsourcing a profitable business global. This allied waste focus can help all of us find the perfect solution to reduce, reuse and recycle our waste. It’s the perfect way to help both the environment and your bottom line.

There is almost nothing that cannot be recycled, reduced or reused. There are many programs that will help you control waste costs, earn rebates on cardboard and other recyclables as well as starve landfills. In fact, having to use the landfill only becomes an option when every other avenue is exhausted. Recycling, and the promise of making a profit, is the central focus for any company’s goal of sustainability.

Here are some suggestions for Successful Recycling:


    1. Most of your waste will be corrugated cardboard. To reduce volume and make storage easier, flatten and bale the corrugated cardboard. Decide if it would be cost-effective for your company to install a cardboard compactor.
    1. Include recycling information in your orientation for new employees.
    1. Educate the janitorial service and/or staff responsible for taking out the trash and recyclables about proper separation procedures.
    1. Inform grounds crews of the reasons why yard waste should not be mixed with other wastes.
    1. Make sure that managers of public areas in shopping complexes are provided with containers for recycling.
  1. Put up signs to tell customers that you recycle.


In the end, as with any change to structure, the main component of making waste reduction work is staff and customer involvement, as well as a partnership between you and your waste management company. Implementing new products and programs without integrating a comprehensive training program, precluded by a waste audit, will result in failure.

Most employees are excited to implement sustainable practices at the work place, especially when they feel they are doing the next right thing in terms of helping the planet. Properly training them about your waste management recycling system will ensure that your new sustainability programs are accepted and successful.

Lincoln Waste Solutions will guarantee to save you a minimum of 10% over what you spent on waste removal last year… We’ll put that in writing. This usually adds tens of thousands of dollars to your bottom line.

Our Waste Management Program is Easy to Implement. Just call your accounts payable department and ask them to submit your last month’s waste removal invoices from a sample of your locations. That’s it! From there we will analyze your current waste invoices and submit a no cost, no obligation proposal with guaranteed waste removal savings of at least 10%.

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What is a Partnership?

We are sure our success is directly related to the fact we have a true partnership with the hauler as well as our clients.  If we are each not carrying our end of the bargain the entire structure would collapse.  The clients pay us promptly…we pay the haulers even more promptly, the haulers provide exemplary service.  All three of us win and that is why clients never leave us.  The bigger picture is that we are 100% transparent.  Any client can look at any invoice whenever they choose.  When Nick Zoccoli and Ron Sedergren founded the company they had nothing to hide and realized that was the model business for an industry that many find a bit crooked and tainted.

Ron and Nick never deviated from that path and have been rewarded with almost no client turnover.  That ethic has spread to all parts of the company so we are willing to share hauler information and pricing information and service information with our customers.  If it makes them more profitable then it will ultimately benefit Lincoln Waste.  One of the most critical areas where this has to be made manifest is with our contract.  It is a grand total of 2 pages long.  It is designed not to fool you, confuse you, trick you or even cause you to turn it over to Legal.

Now, go to take a look at your current waste management contract.  Can you figure out exactly when it expires?  Why all the language pertaining to, …”you need to cancel this no sooner than 120 days but no later than 90 days in order to file for a cancellation within 60 days.”  What? Why can’t they just say, “This  contract expires October 23, 2014?”  Is that so hard?  They don’t do that because then they could not trap you.

Have you ever sat on an airplane and asked the person next to you how much they paid for the ticket?  You may be appalled, or thrilled, it all depends on the deal.  The similar scenario would take place if a group of procurement executives all brought their waste contracts into one room.  No two are the same…even if they are from the same waste managent firm.  Their idea is to fool you.  It is all smoke and mirrors.  Ask yourself this, “In what other industry is the evergreen clause still used in a contract?”  Used car extended warranties?  Copier toner maybe?  That horrible, self-renewing passage that if you let it go by, you are locked in for another three year term.  Who does that to their partner?  Who does it help?  It is designed to trick you.

We are not about the trickery.  No small print, no hidden terms, no evergreen clauses, in fact, if you have suggestions on how we could simplify our contract even more, we would glad welcome the input.  We don’t have corporate lawyers because we are not trying to fool you.  Isn’t that what a true partnership is all about?