Let our Customers do the Talking

You go to buy a refrigerator.  It does not matter where.  You walk in and a clerk gives you all the specifications.  She tells you her product is the most energy efficient.  She tells you they have the best customer service.  She tells you they have the lowest pricing.  She tells you they have the most comprehensive warranty…fastest delivery…biggest choice of colors…most options…it does not matter.  You go to ten stores and you will get the same story ten times.

Now, suppose the clerk had said to you, “Look, I can give you a mountain of data and a bunch of sales lines, but instead I will give you a list of all of our customers and you can call any one of them and let them tell you why they have never shopped anywhere else since they first bought from us?  Could you imagine?  The chances of that happening are almost non-existent.

It won’t happen because the majority of the people selling to you overstate their promises in a frenzy to close the deal.  Their job is to sell and leave it to others to service.  Their responsibility is to get the revenue in, not protect the revenue stream.  Consequently you are left with a constant feeling of being led down the wrong path.

You can call our customers.  Our customers never leave.  Why would they?  At Lincoln Waste we deliver exactly what we say we are going to deliver.  We guarantee you a minimum amount of savings and then strive to overachieve that number.  Most times we are successful.  We optimize your waste stream and then provide superior waste management.  References are our single biggest asset and long before we get around to talking about pricing, we are talking about customer service.

Feel free to push, pull or tow your old waste management service to our location.  We won’t sell you a bill of goods…we will let our customers tell you the truth.

Its all about the Trust Factor

It is awful to be at the mercy of the sales rep.  We all want to be in control, in the know, and never feel like we are being taken advantage of, by anyone.  I bought a weed whacker a few weeks ago and the beauty of the Internet is I was armed with data and facts and figures.  I was able to look at the compilation of hundreds of user feedbacks to know what was good and what was not.  I left the first two stores because I knew more about weed whackers than the sales guy did.  At store number three the reverse was true.  My surface knowledge did not go very far and the woman who was taking care of me clearly knew what she was talking about and sold me the perfect tool.  I got to that point because I was able to have a cursory knowledge of the weed whacker world…enough to have a cogent dialogue.

On the same trip I needed fertilizer.  I had some specific questions but I was not able to find any great information on the web to educate me as to what I really needed.  Therefore, I was at the mercy of the clerk where I find myself to be a doubter.  Was the rep really trying to solve my problem or just move the product he happened to have on hand?  Was there any chance the rep could possibly understand what I really needed or did he just have a few more buzz words than I did?  I bought what he suggested but have no confidence I bought the right product.  He just did not instill much trust in me.

Arranging to have dumpsters emptied and trash recycled should be a no-brainer. It should fall into the first category every time.  How hard should it be to arrange to have a garbage truck come and empty the dumpsters a couple of times each month?  And how hard should it be to arrange to have cardboard or paper or metal picked up, taken to a recycling center and sold?  It should be easy but the big waste companies make sure it is rocket science.  The more they can complicate their product…the more likely you are to just throw your hands up and let them do as they please.

Think about it…you partner with a big waste management firm to pick up your trash.  You negotiate a contract and you sign a 3-year deal.  You think you can move on to the next challenge but the waste management firms never make it simple.  You will start to get bills that seem to be different than what you negotiated.  Where all the savings?  The fine print in your extensive contract says they can do this.  And do this…they do.  We see invoices every day, from the largest of the waste management firms, that do not reflect what their sales people said would happen.   Your sales rep promised you significant savings but when it is all said and done your bill is the same.    They over promise and under-deliver.

You trusted them to pick up the trash and get you recycling rebates but instead it is costing you a fortune, with no answers as to where the supposed savings will appear.  The sad thing is that all the major waste management firms make up these “profit   Let’s put an end to the waste management firms abusing the trust factor and get back to an honest relationship where every contract and invoice is not laden with “GOTCHA” moments.